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At 1 o'clock tomorrow morning Beijing time, the fourth round of La Liga Real Sociedad VS Valencia will start at the new Anoeta Stadium. Real Sociedad will strive for the first league home win, and the "total loss" Valencia will usher in the first strong opponent in the league this season.


The current state of the two sides of the game is very different. With the return of the core team of Oyasaval and David Silva, Real Sociedad has shown a clear upward trend with the aftermath of a three-goal victory over Valencia's younger brother Elche in the previous round. In the home match between Valencia and Huesca, facing the impact of the newly promoted horse and three times the number of shots from his side, he barely managed to win the tie. The level of competition demonstrated by the team made the fans look worried.

游戏两侧的当前状态非常不同。随着Oyasaval和David Silva的核心团队的回归,皇家社会队在上一轮击败瓦伦西亚的弟弟埃尔什(Elche)的三粒进球后表现出明显的上升趋势。在巴伦西亚和韦斯卡之间的主场比赛中,面对新晋马的冲击和他侧面三倍的投篮命中率,他勉强赢得了平局。车队展示出的比赛水平使球迷们看上去有些担忧。

After ten years of chaos, they met when they grew up. For David Silva, this reunion with Valencia did not hold hands to look at the sadness of tears, but there was something like "I will always miss old friends for ten years, and reunion in the community now" is so simple and timeless. Cherish. A magician from Canary came out of Valencia’s youth training. After ten years of fighting in England, "a seat of breeze wandered back and a boat chased St. Seba". The stage provided by the Royal Society was also his most comfortable and comfortable stage. Time. Now David Silvador has a calm joy of enjoying football. It is also a great blessing for the fans to be able to see the magician's performance again in La Liga.

经过十年的混乱,他们长大后相识。对于大卫席尔瓦(David Silva)而言,这次与瓦伦西亚的聚会并没有牵着手去看眼泪的悲伤,但有这样的事情:“我会十年老想念老朋友,现在在社区里聚会是很简单和永恒的。珍惜来自金丝雀的魔术师来自瓦伦西亚的青年训练。在英格兰奋战了十年之后,“一阵微风向后飘荡,一艘船追逐圣塞巴”。皇家学会提供的舞台也是他最舒适,最舒适的舞台。时间。现在,大卫·席尔瓦多(David Silvador)拥有享受足球的沉静喜悦。能够再次看到魔术师在西甲的表现对球迷们也是一个极大的祝福。

And another young talent from Valencia, Li Gangren, after the dormancy of the three coaches of Marcelino, Celades, and Voro, is likely to usher in the first of his career "Good Bole" "Gracia. From the preseason to the first two rounds of the league, Valencia’s main offensive combination will be played by Maxi Gomez and Li Gangren, non-European friends. The good chemistry of these two players is also the first in the league. The derby battle has the ultimate manifestation.


In the past three rounds, David Silva is still working hard to integrate into the team, but he can still take on the midfield operation of Real Sociedad by virtue of his old playing ability. As for Li Gangren, Valencia's poor offensive performance in the first three rounds when he was not on the court has clearly demonstrated the importance of his creativity to the team.

在过去的三轮比赛中,大卫·席尔瓦(David Silva)仍在努力融入球队,但由于他的过往表现,他仍然可以承担皇家社会队的中场比赛。至于李刚仁,瓦伦西亚在场外的前三轮进攻表现欠佳,这清楚地表明了他的创造力对球队的重要性。

The original David Silva competed with Lin Rongfu's "New Silva" in the same game. These two exquisite technical style competitions can be described as the biggest attraction of this game.

原始大卫·席尔瓦(David Silva)在同一场比赛中与林荣富的《新席尔瓦》(New Silva)竞争。这两场精湛的技术风格比赛可谓是这场比赛的最大吸引力。

Both players are the "new discoveries" of the club team in the second team. Frontcourt generalist Roberto Lopez was the undisputed thigh in the B team, and he is also the leader of the same age group in Spain's U level. Before the start of the season, the team had been entangled in renting it out or keeping it for its own use, but the explosive start of 2 games and 2 goals occupying the team’s current top scorer was beyond everyone’s expectation, but whether it can be at the speed of light. , And Real Sociedad, which has a lot of frontcourt players, occupies the main position of the team, it still needs time to observe.

两名球员都是第二支球队的“新发现”。前场多面手罗伯托·洛佩兹(Roberto Lopez)是B队无可争议的大腿球员,也是西班牙U级同年龄段的领队。在本赛季开始之前,球队一直纠缠于出租或保留供自己使用,但爆炸性的两场比赛和两个进球开始了该队目前的最佳射手,这超出了所有人的预期,但是是否可以以光速。 ,而拥有很多前场球员的皇家社会队占据了球队的主要位置,仍然需要时间进行观察。

British teenager Yunus Moose is another cub who played in La Liga at the age of 17 after Muniain. Its excellent dribbling, strong and powerful leg muscles, as well as the flexibility and ease of left and right, left a deep impression on the fans. Of course, in La Liga, there are still a lot of tests that Moose needs to go through. In the second round, he faced the veteran Olaza and Mario. Moose was still a little immature and wanted to perfectly replace Ferran Torres last season. Need to experience the baptism of the top league.

英国少年尤努斯·穆斯(Yunus Moose)是继穆尼安(Muniain)之后在西甲(La Laga)踢球的另一只幼崽,他17岁。它出色的运球能力,强劲有力的腿部肌肉以及左右的灵活性和易用性给球迷留下了深刻的印象。当然,在西甲,穆斯仍然需要进行很多测试。首页在第二轮中,他面对老将奥拉扎和马里奥。穆斯还有些不成熟,他想在上个赛季完美取代费尔兰·托雷斯。需要经历顶级联赛的洗礼。

Porto from Valencia’s youth academy scored the first goal in the last round of the league. This slightly late bloomer had a performance of "killing the old master" in Girona, but he himself He still has deep feelings for his home team and once said that he would never celebrate the goal against Valencia.


The young defender Guillamon, who emerged from the Valencia second team after Gare's injury last season, has been ordered many times in crisis. It is worth mentioning that the national youth player's domicile is from San Sebastian, and Real Sociedad is his hometown team. Although he was not stage fright when he appeared in the top league, his thin and short stature as a central defender has become the target of concentrated attacks by many strong men. In the last round, in front of Huesca's sling play, Guillamon had already shown his powerlessness.


The difference in physique and Botu’s very impactful body-flow kicking method, I have already made up for the picture of Botu like a bull when the two sides are in confrontation. I hope both sides can have peace!


Real Sociedad: Saldua played in doubt, San Gali, Monreal, and Suberdia could not play. Captain Ilya Ramendi's return will take time, and the side defense faces a test.

皇家社会:萨尔杜亚打的不确定,圣加利,蒙雷亚尔和Suberdia无法打。伊利亚·拉曼迪(Ilya Ramendi)上尉的返回将需要时间,并且边防将面临考验。

Valencia: Paulista, Mangala, Cherishev, Soler are injured, the central defender combination is like a candle in the wind.


Since the 4:2 away win against Levante last season, Valencia has continuously set a record of unbeaten away games. Except for the three draws against Atletico, Granada and Alaves, all the other games ended in failure. We should note that in the post-Garay era, once Paulista is injured, Valencia's weak central line has seriously dragged down the team's record, and it is even hard to find a victory in official matches.


In recent years, Valencia and Real Sociedad’s game, in addition to Marcelino’s strong record against Real Sociedad during his coaching period, a victory against Real Sociedad is also difficult to find. From various factors, the home team should be optimistic about winning. game.

近年来,瓦伦西亚(Valencia)和皇家社会(Real Sociedad)的比赛,除了马塞里诺(Marcelino)在执教期间与皇家社会(Real Sociedad)的强势战绩外,还很难找到对阵皇家社会(Real Sociedad)的胜利。从各种因素来看,主队应该对获胜感到乐观。游戏。

Of course, there is no absolute in the world of football. After three rounds of the league, in addition to the strategizing of the coaches on both sides to their subordinates, William Jose and Geddes, who temporarily dormant in the first three rounds but still possess strong personal abilities, may also bring X to the result of this game. factor.


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