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Recently, Qingdao Huang’s overseas aid Radonic accepted an interview with Croatian media. He shared his life during isolation and talked about his views on Chinese football and Chinese Super League matches. In the end, he also admitted that the signing with Qingdao is the best contract of his career so far.


The Chinese were right. After the club's offer came, I immediately accepted it. A month ago, I came to China. At first I was isolated in a hotel in Shanghai for two weeks. Where you live is arranged by the state, and the club cannot interfere with it. After arriving at the hotel, I got five towels and the food was delivered to the door of the room. These can be tolerated, but the monotony of the food makes me feel uneasy. There are spinach and rice on the menu every day, spinach rice on the second day, and spinach rice on the third day. The food here is great, but if you eat the same thing every day, everything becomes uneasy. I have treadmills and stationary bicycles in my room. The club provides me with these, so I have to work hard to stay in shape. I train 3 times a day and make my own training plan.


During my isolation period, Qingdao was playing in the Super League. The game is held in two places, Dalian Division and Suzhou Division. My club is in Group B, which is in Suzhou. All clubs are closed to play there and there are no spectators. There were 14 rounds in the first stage and I joined the team before the final round. In addition, the head coach Wu Jingui had previously graduated from the German coaching school, so I had no problems communicating with him. After I joined the team, he asked me if I wanted to play the final round and worried about my physical condition, but he also wanted to see my performance. In the end, I played the last 25 minutes and our team lost 1-3, but I was satisfied with my performance.


The competition system is a bit special, it is based on the rules of the cup, two rounds of competition. Our first game will be against R&F on October 16. They are the sixth in Group A and scored 15 points. If we lose, we must continue to play against the losing team. If we lose again, we may eventually play a play-off with the Chinese team, but I hope that this will not happen. We want to relegation early, we are a solid team. The Super League will end in mid-November, and then I will go home and come back to prepare for the game in January next year.


Many people say to me that this is different from European football, and it is true. Their mentality is different, they will give their best in the game, but will be more relaxed in the training. Each club can have five foreign players, four of which can start. I think Chinese players still have the advantage. If a team has better local players, then they will get better results! Because the rich clubs have similar levels of foreign aid, so the difference is reflected in the local players.


I am excited for this city, it has everything, just like a metropolis in western Europe! What fascinates me most is the brilliance of the city, so everything here is shining like Las Vegas, hahaha! It is said that Qingdao is one of the most beautiful cities in China, and the famous Tsingtao beer is also produced here. I tasted it. It's a pale beer. It's delicious...


Yes! The best so far, thank god...


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