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Stereotypes are always difficult to rewrite. On this topic, the residents of northern Jiangsu have the most say.


Is northern Jiangsu poor?


Northern Jiangsu itself is not a fixed concept. In the narrow definition, the Nantong, Taizhou, Yangzhou, and Liuhe districts sandwiched between the north and the south should be counted as Suzhong, and the northern Jiangsu includes


In order to make our discussion more constructive, we might as well adopt the narrow definition of Northern Jiangsu and eliminate the three cities with better economic performance: Nantong, Taizhou, and Yangzhou.


Brother Subei is


However, Xuzhou’s application for subway construction was based on the “Notice on Strengthening the Management of Urban Rapid Rail Transit Construction (Guobanfa [2003] No. 81)” issued by the General Office of the State Council in 2003. Over 100 million yuan,

但是,徐州的地铁建设申请是根据国务院办公厅于2003年发布的《关于加强城市快速轨道交通建设管理的通知》(国办发[2003] 81号)。

But Xuzhou is indeed not poor. Last year's GDP reached 675.5 billion yuan, ranking sixth in Jiangsu Province, worthy of the status of Big Brother in Northern Jiangsu. As for the whole country, the provinces and autonomous regions where the total GDP of Xuzhou exceeds Hainan, Ningxia, Qinghai, and Tibet. Although they are all marginal provinces in the central and western regions with sparse population and insufficient economic development momentum, they can


In the province, both belong to northern Jiangsu


And if you put it in the list of cities, you will find that the strong city of Subei matches some


Even the two brothers Suqian and Lianyungang, who are at the end of the crane in the province, are widely criticized in the region, but as long as they go out of Jiangsu and look at the whole country, the two cities will be happy.


In fact,




of course


13 cities in Jiangsu

13 此帖sin Jiang苏

, And Huai'an followed closely behind, higher than the vast Inner Mongolia and Chongqing. Hubei and Shaanxi, two provinces that have risen with great popularity in recent years, are surrounded by Yancheng, Lianyungang, and Suqian. From this perspective, the gap between the central and eastern regions is still obvious.


In contrast with the cities with strong provincial capitals in China, the cities in northern Jiangsu are not left behind. Xuzhou is at the same level as Hefei, Huai'an and Shenyang are at the same level, Yancheng is at the same level as Kunming, Lianyungang is at the same level as Shijiazhuang, and Suqian is at the same level as Nanning. among them


If we take a closer look, use the "


According to the information given by the Huai’an Statistics Bureau, among the cities in northern Jiangsu,


This may be beyond the expectations of many people. But it is worth noting that


In the vast counties and cities that have not been radiated by the provincial capital, there are still areas with weak industries and low incomes. In comparison, northern Jiangsu, which is close to the Yangtze River Delta, where China’s development momentum is most powerful, has already grasped the opportunity to undertake production capacity and has stayed away from the dilemma of low total volume and low income.


Compared with the remote mountainous areas of Sichuan and the plateau of northern Shaanxi, it may not show the difference. If you compare horizontally in a small area,


Take Anhui as an example, except for Hefei and the second brother Wuhu,


People often try to sum up the northern part of the Jianghuai area by using the northern part of Jiangsu and southern part, but


It can be seen that, not only compared with remote areas, even if compared with similar cities at close range, the position of northern Jiangsu is also very stable.


Like interpersonal relationships, the poor notoriety in northern Jiangsu is still


Needless to say, I don’t know, it’s neither a sub-provincial city nor a separate city, nor has it ever robbed the top spot in a new first-tier city.


If you want to compare the per capita output value and the disposable income of residents, then


The level of the quasi-developed region is used to measure the national average level, which naturally makes the latter seem not worth mentioning. But this does not mean that the latter is really poor, it can only be said


Of course there are some


, This big river that keeps changing course is the mother river for the middle and upper reaches of residents, but it is a tyrant for the lower reaches of residents. This change began in the Song Dynasty. Due to the Song Dynasty’s inability to manage water conservancy, it also made


Starting from Henan today, to Shandong, Anhui, and northern Jiangsu, the twisting of the Yellow River destroyed large tracts of fertile fields and left terrible


, Leaving the hometown and lacking social moral constraints, it is inevitable that the rich southern local residents will have the impression of poverty and poor quality in northern Jiangsu.


To bridge this gap, both parties need to have


Only the north and south of Jiangsu can join hands to build a more prosperous and powerful eastern province.


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